Thursday, 8 January 2009

Are you Richard Tims?

Following yesterday's shocking expose of imaginary hatred being peddled by The Sun, The Mail and The Telegraph 'fundamentalist' Islamic forum Ummah, a terrifying new campaign to find 'Abuislam', also know as Richard Tims, has been launched by a number of left-wing extremist 'webloggers'.

The campaign has raised concerns over the insidious ability of Islam to inspire even non-Muslims to mercilessly seek out and write polite letters to innocent journalists whose only crime was to pose as followers of the religion and incite racial and religious hatred.

The wibblers - Tim Ireland, Anton Vowl and Septicisle - have encouraged fellow internet users to find information on Mr Tims (a suspected alias) so that they might write him 'a polite letter', which is of course a euphemism for 'go round his house with bombs strapped to your body and blow him up'. Fears were growing today that Mr Tims might even become the target of a Jihadist 'googlebomb' attack, whereby fundamentalist hackers cause internet search engine Google to literally explode in the face of a target user when they enter a specific search term.

For the safety of 'Richard Tims', The Quail emplores anybody with any information as to who he might be and whether or not he works for The Sun to get in touch as soon as possible, to prevent any monstrous letter-writing attacks before they begin. Let's put an end to the madness.

* Update *

The madness has ended. Don't worry. It turns out you're not Richard Tims afterall; a man called Glen Jenvey is, as Tim shows here. Send the man a polite letter.

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