Thursday, 8 January 2009

Mail Moderators Allow Quail Comment Shocker!

...not on any hard-hitting political controversy though - just a geeky science piece about black holes.

Still, it's the first comment I've made that's got past the the notoriously difficult Mail moderators, so progress is being made.


  1. Looks like they got rid of your comment

  2. It's still there (shockingly), but you have to click on 'View all' to see it.

    I can't help noticing it keeps getting voted down by anonymous bastards though - it's only on +3 and I personally have voted up four time on different computers...

  3. I just gave you a green arrow.

    Bloody Mail's comments system is almost impregnable by sane people. I only ever get through when I am sarcastic in my worship of their batshit columnists.

  4. It is bizarre isn't it.

    I like how the ratings system has no effect whatsoever on where comments appear on the page, so you have 'Angry from Farnborough -879' appearing at the top, right under the article.