Friday, 23 January 2009

Political Spectrum Biased Toward Liberals

My Political Views
I am a right social authoritarian
Right: 3.21, Authoritarian: 6.78

Political Spectrum Quiz

The Quail would like to take this opportunity to express its disgust at the shameful skewing of results in this quiz in favour of the amoral left wing, funded, no doubt, by the corrupt gang of socialist spin monkeys that call themselves Nu Labour - and taxpayers money.

I do not approve of being so close to those panda-loving, wooly-minded, union-joining, Muslim-loving, Godless homosexual peaceniks on the left. How difficult must it be to get all the way over to the right?

Well at least it gives a fair and accurate graphical representation of how I feel about our once proud country's culture:

My Culture War Stance
Score: 10

Political Spectrum Quiz

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