Monday, 26 January 2009

Incredibly Stupid Comment Passes Moderation on Daily Mail Website Shocker

Barack Hussein Obama's approval rating has plummeted by a staggering 15 points since his inauguration - nearly 4 points for every day he has been in office. Ha!

The reasons Americans are swiftly turning their backs on Barack are obvious; absurd, half-measure policies like closing down some prison, throwing taxpayers' cash at schools whose only aim is to waste time trying to make children into real people and investing in silly energy schemes to try to get power from the sun and the rain will never wash with the general populace.

The Quail knew all of this way before it was cool, which is why we threw our weight behind Emperor McCain and emphasised Obama's shortcomings on his inauguration day.

And it gladdens our hearts that over 27 88 135 Daily Mail readers agree with our solution to the energy crisis:

Hint: click the pic to make your own inane comment! Or vote this one up even more*! Moar coal for all!

* You'll need to click 'View more' under the article.

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