Monday, 5 January 2009

BBC Broadcasts ANOTHER Thing We Don't Like

A television show that nobody watched, broadcast by left-wing filth peddlers at the BBC after the watershed a week ago, has triggered a flood of complaints for making fun of lesbians.

Thirteen people, and Ann Widdecombe, were outraged at porn star Ron Jeremy's peverted vision of Lindsay Lohan romping with her gay lover before asking him to join in and 'do him'. It is thought Jeremy was representing the personal views of the evil faceless broadcasting corporation and that they hate all minorities.

One media outlet that has an exemplary record of promoting gay and lesbian rights, and is completely entitled to pass judgment on others over their treatment of homosexuals, branded the BBC 'institutionally indecent' following the program.

A BBC spokesman said: 'Look, just shut up. Please. It's getting ridiculous now.'

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