Saturday 10 January 2009

Picture Special: The Quail does Kensington

'Protesters clash with police as London Gaza demo descends into violence'


Just look at them clash there. Chaos.

Well what about this scary fanatic man - wearing a flag, holding a sign, looking mean?

LOL! Iz not so scary!

'Violent Gaza protests reveal how gentle civilised Britain has changed into something very ugly indeed', says Mel.


The horror....the horror.

'People [unlike Mel herself] who have been at the demonstrations in London have been producing some absolutely horrifying descriptions and images'

Yeah, like this:

Scared yet? Ok, well here's another terrifying police man image.

And here's a person wearing a scary mask.

This man is holding a scary sign.

P.S. Bravo to Mel for writing an entire article based on a quick surf through Harry's Place.

P.P.S. See some more of my pics from the protest here.

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