Friday, 30 January 2009

Gays Steal Children From Happy Family

Children as young as five are being snatched away from loving homes and handed out like sweets to homosexual monsters, it has emerged.

In what has been described as 'a totalitarian assault upon family life and human rights', two young children were given by left-wing Edinburgh city council to a pair of decadent gays just because their heroin addicted mother was deemed 'incapable' of caring for them by politically correct social workers.

In a 'grotesque development', the grandparents of the children, who cannot be named for legal raisins, were denied the right to adoption just because they were too old, infirm and financially unstable. Inexplicably, it was decided that the gays would provide the best home for the vulnerable brother and sister, despite the availability of a number of normal, non-bent couples in the area.

Shockingly, 'some local authorities forbid adoption by smokers and obese people but actively support gay fostering and adoption' despite evidence that exposure to gayness makes children up to 100% more likely to grow up thinking that boys kissing each other is acceptable.

'Mad' Melanie Phillips pointed out in her meditation on the topic that: 'The prevailing argument that all types of family are as good as each other as far as the children are concerned simply isn’t true...children need to be brought up by the two people ‘who made me’ - or, in adoptive households, in a family which closely replicates that arrangement'.

Experts agreed that the children would indeed be far better off in a family with a junkie mother and a suicidal schizophrenic father than with a couple of flowery pooves who doubtless only want the children to use as fashion items a bit like how Paris Hilton - a gay icon - has a little dog in her bag.

Homosexual role model Richard Littlejohn, a supporter of gay rights in so far as they should be allowed houses and jobs, laid blame for the 'appaling human horror story' at the feet of the 'sadistic, Stalinist might of the social services system' before comparing the situation with the under-reported case of Madeline McCann. 'Stolen children are at the heart of both [cases] he said, before plaintively asking: 'What kind of monsters could do something like this?' You couldn't make it up.


  1. I notice that homosexual role model Richard Littlejohn is flabbergasted that no-one outside the pages of the Daily Mail is covering this story, with the implication that it's because they're all a bunch of lily-livered liberals and only the Mail possesses the unique moral clarity to see what's going on.

    Yeah, those loony lefties behind the Telegraph, ITV and Sky News, they should all be shot.

  2. Littlejohn, Littlejohn. 'More to the point, what kind of selfish individuals would even consider accepting for adoption children who don’t want to be adopted'. Well, only gay ones, obviously. What a cunt.

  3. Dilemma for the mail, are druggies worse than poofs?
    They flipped a coin.

  4. What would they have thought if Shannon Matthews had been adopted by a gay couple?


  5. Wow, the Mail really blew a gasket - gays "stole" the children? What a bunch of shiteating wankers.

  6. I was pissed off enoguh after reading the original Dm article and Melanie Phillips 'opinion' yesterday, but Richard Littlejohn really does take the title of biggest wanker!
    My favourite line had to be:
    "in Edinburgh, a five-year-old boy and his four-year-old sister are snatched from their grandparents and given to a gay couple and there’s barely a peep outside the pages of the Daily Mail.
    No police appeals, no Panorama special, no public outcry.
    Why? Because they’ve been taken by social workers, not paedophiles. So that’s all right, then."
    You've answered you're own fucking question you prat!!!!!
    And the fact that he suggest that its all the fault of the gay couple for agreeing to adopt these children!( as the title of his column clearly suggests)Yes, how dare they want to adopt children! How dare they give these children a loving home instead of leaving them forgotten in the care system.If they had any decencey they would have turned down the children they so desperatley wanted to look after.
    Obviously it doesn't matter to littlejohn whether these men care about the children or not. In his mind they are gay, so obviously evil!!
    fucking cunt! sorry, rant over.*deep breath*